Hatfield is a town with huge potential, a fantastic community, a rich and diverse history and a host to big business and academia. Yet Hatfield faces a number of challenges, like many new towns of its era, and needs an ambitious plan for change and renewal and to attract private and public investment. 

The Hatfield Renewal Partnership is a dynamic partnership of key authorities, landowners and educational institutions who have come together to deliver positive change in the town in line with the shared vision:


“a well-connected, distinctive and multi-centred town with a renewed ‘New Town’ pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit. A town that re-balances economic growth and world-class education assets with new and rejuvenated housing, excellent community, culture, retail and leisure facilities and a series of connected urban centres”

This was developed with the extensive involvement and engagement from all elements of the community and underpins the Hatfield 2030+ Renewal Framework, which sets out the aspirations of the town and initiatives to 2030 and beyond.

To find our more click here to download a copy of the Framework.


The Hatfield Renewal Partnership is a dynamic partnership between key organisations in the town, consisting of:

  • Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council
  • University of Hertfordshire
  • Hatfield Town Council
  • Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership,
  • Arlington Business Parks,
  • Oaklands College
  • Gascoyne Cecil Estates
  • Hertfordshire County Council
  • Fitnesse Leisure

In 2015-16, working with consultants, the team undertook strategic visioning work with the community of Hatfield including local businesses, education, and retail/leisure services, and developed the framework for the future renewal of Hatfield to 2030 and beyond.

The team have produced a multifunctional, comprehensive framework that can be seen as a ‘business plan’ or ‘blueprint’ for the future of the town.

The partnership continues today in order to promote, progress and oversee delivery of the positive change which the town wants to see, and this website will update progress over time.


The latest news from Hatfield2030+

Planning approval for multi-storey to unlock regeneration

Planning approval for multi-storey to unlock regeneration

12 February 2020

Bourne Parking submitted the application on behalf of the council to unlock key town centre space for regeneration. Over a third of the town centre is currently used for surface level car parking and the multi-storey will consolidate this all in one place, freeing up sites elsewhere for new homes, shops and leisure. The multi-storey … Read More

Town centre renewal moves on to next stage

Town centre renewal moves on to next stage

29 October 2019

The council is committed to an ambitious programme of change and renewal across Hatfield town centre so we were delighted when, in October, Hatfield was listed in the Sunday Times’ top 20 UK ‘Turnaround Towns’. The first stage of programme was completed in September 2019 with the opening of the new-look White Lion Square but … Read More

Student artwork brings Hatfield walkways to life

Student artwork brings Hatfield walkways to life

3 October 2019

Hatfield town centre received another artistic boost today courtesy of creative local art students. Creating more opportunities for the display of public art is a key part of the Hatfield 2030+ vision for the town. The council worked with the schools and college to give them a brief based on three themes: · The memory … Read More

First stage of Hatfield’s regeneration completes

First stage of Hatfield’s regeneration completes

17 September 2019

We have opened the new-look White Lion Square in Hatfield town centre. The square now boasts a completely revamped centre, with exciting new features including table tennis, children’s play equipment, seating areas and cycle parking. Funded through a Local Growth Fund contribution from Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), the £1.2m transformation will improve the town … Read More


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