Hatfield 2030+ is about engaging with as many individuals and groups as possible across Hatfield’s diverse community to understand what Hatfield should look like in 2030, and how we can get there.

Hatfield 2030+ is driven by the Hatfield Renewal Partnership, a body made up of the town’s key stakeholders, including Welwyn Hatfield District Council, Hertfordshire University and the town council. The Renewal Partnership has appointed a consultant team to progress the Hatfield 2030+ project, who will run sessions to reach out to stakeholders residents and ensure that the vision for the future is defined by the community.

The outcome of the Hatfield 2030+ project will be a Renewal Framework, defining the vision and the projects we need to take us there, however big or small. The renewal strategy will look to capitalise on the wealth of assets Hatfield already has to offer and identify ways to improve the town and benefit the local community.

The project begins with consultation in October and November 2015. A wide range of events, exhibitions and workshops (for further details see our events page) will be held that capture the feelings and aspirations of Hatfield residents and businesses to identify a strategic direction that works for everyone in the town. Consultation will continue in the new year to report back on the emerging vision.


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